Balance is the one essential thing that anyone needs to ride the simple bicycle. And balance is something that we believe can take you far beyond just riding bicycles.This is why we’ve taken great care to ensure that our bakery products maintain the right balance - between freshness and taste; between quality and affordability; between style and simplicity.

Today bicycles are made for various applications, various sections of society and at various price bands to reach everyone from the common man to adventure enthusiasts to discerning hobbyists. Much like the range of products from CK’s bakery that fulfils the tastes and needs of every section of society – young or old; prosperous or underprivileged; refined or simple.


While quality is our hallmark, service is our pride. When you step into our outlets you will surely observe how we’ve painstakingly put processes in place to make your visit worthwhile and comfortable. And our people have been trained to understand your whims as well as your needs. However, should you have a grievance you can rest assured that it would be attended to politely and immediately.

To take it a step further, our quality control team follows impeccable specs. Our vendors have been selected after meticulous screening. Every batch of our groceries are scrupulously checked and immaculately tested when they arrive at our premises. These are then carefully stored to avoid any kind of contamination. The preparation process is extremely streamlined. And the storage of the prepared food in our displays are extensively monitored.

Which is why, when you consume any item on our menu, your satisfied smile always becomes an added bonus to us.


Since we have a wide variety of confectionery products, hygiene takes the highest priority for our entire workforce. Our food handlers have been trained to follow sound practices to ensure that anything that we serve is safe for consumption. To ensure that, we not only stipulate that they wear head caps and gloves, but we also conduct periodic audits on how they maintain their personal hygiene from trimming nails to self grooming. So when your loaf of bread gets sliced, it will be done by hygienic hands.