Veg Puff

Rs. 20.00

Fulfill your craving for a crisp ‘n ‘flaky savoury with this luscious puff pastry that’s stuffed with a delightful medley of juicy vegetables

Paneer Puff

Rs. 32.00

Bite into this exotic puff that is filled with the goodness of a silky soft paneer scramble

Chicken Puff

Rs. 33.00

Delight your taste buds with a tender, juicy chicken stuffing that’s garnished with a melange of spices

Choco Puff

Rs. 30.00

Are these puffs savory or sweet? Both! For inside them Is rich dark chocolate!

Chicken Samosa

Rs. 35.00

Spicy, tangy chicken enveloped in crisp aromatic parcels! One will never be enough!

Paneer Samosa

Rs. 33.00

Succulent and fiery paneer play inside this Samosa, making it simply irresistible.

Veg Samosa

Rs. 17.00

Take a spicy journey with this savoury that’s bundled with a unique combination of succulent vegetables

Chicken Sausage Roll

Rs. 35.00

What lies in the belly of this roll? A piece of delicious Chicken sausage!