Butter Scotch

Rs. 63.00

The classic butterscotch cake with additional butterscotch nuts and a thicker layer of cream enhancing the richness of the cake


Rs. 47.00

Soft vanilla sponge cake filled with layers of smooth and fresh vanilla cream.


Rs. 47.00

A soft and light cake slathered with a sweet strawberry-flavoured rich cream.

Black currant

Rs. 53.00

A bittersweet cream cake with contrasting flavours of sweet and fresh cream against a strong black currant crush


Rs. 53.00

A sweet and light creation of cake with layers of fresh blueberry cream.


Rs. 42.00

A light spongy cake with layers of fresh cream and topped with a coating of fresh mango crush.

White Forest

Rs. 58.00

The classic layered sponge cake with rich and smooth cream, topped with garnish of white chocolate flakes.

Red Velvet

Rs. 63.00

An eggless indulgency of thin layers of vibrant red velvet sponge cake and fresh cream

Chocolate & Nuts

Rs. 68.00

A chocolate sponge cake with a twist in its’ topping, combing a rich chocolate truffle cream and roasted nuts.

Black Forest

Rs. 58.00

The classic layered chocolate sponge cake with liberal quantities of fresh cream and cherry bits, garnished with chocolate flakes.

Choco Truffle

Rs. 58.00

A moist and luxuriant cream cake covered with a thick layer of rich chocolate truffle cream.