Veg & Cheese

Rs. 64.00

Arrested between two slices of the softest freshly baked sub, this motley of garden fresh, crunchy vegetables are sure to metamorphose pangs to pleasure


Rs. 76.00

Loaded with chunks of paneer marinated with an assortment of exotic spices, grilled and topped with mayo and southwest sauces, this sub sandwich has been born to fulfil the unfulfilled

Peri Peri Paneer


A deliciously mixed sub with a benevolent amount of freshly cut and cooked veggies with the wild tasting peri peri sauce garnished on thick and soft pieces of paneer.

Mixed Herbs

Rs. 81.00

The tasty, healthy mixture of herbs and veggies and their essence captured by two of the softest, lightest baked subs will leave you happily contented.

Spicy Mushroom

Rs. 92.00

Loaded with chunks of mushrooms, soaked with an assortment of spices and sauces this sub has one goal and it is to satisfy your hunger whenever you want it.

Chicken Tikka


Wedged between a fluffy sub is this tender wonder of succulent chicken bathed in a deluge of yoghurt and seasoning; accompanied by heaven fresh vegetables and mouth watering south west sauce to refresh the flight to nirvana

Smoked Chicken

Rs. 81.00

Laid on a bed of fresh, crispy vegetables are these carefully carved strips of smoked chicken, submerged in southwest sauce and sandwiched between aromatic slices of fresh bake to transform ravenous to rapturous

Peri Peri Chicken

Rs. 87.00

The definition of a total package this sub comprises of the best of everything; crisp vegetables, tender pieces of carefully cooked chicken and the spicy peri peri sauce kept warm between two delicious slices of sub.

Mixed Herbs Chicken

Rs. 92.00

This disparate combination of herbs, chicken and the ever tasty filling held in captivity by two heavenly pieces of subs is just what your heart desires for.